The Jo Loves Boutique

Any fans of Jo Malone will absolutely love this next place. Also on my newly discovered Elizabeth Street nestles Jo Loves, which is Jo Malone herself’s new(ish) venture. Having sold her first business “Jo Malone London” to Estée Lauder back in 1999, Jo has launched a new brand called “Jo Loves”. I have been a huge fan of Jo Malone London for years. My home is stuffed with Jo Malone scent diffusers, perfumes, candles, body creams and shower gels but…dare I say it?! I think Jo Loves is even better.

Jo Loves was another discovery I made in the run up to my wedding. I was hunting around for the perfect wedding scent and I stumbled across the one and only Jo Loves boutique. Now I love to pop in every time I’m wandering by. They always have the most beautiful window displays and the Christmas one was the best yet…


The scents that Jo has created for Jo Loves are absolutely exquisite. Each one is completely unique and the fact that there’s only one store to buy them from makes it even more special. I went along for a complimentary “Fragrance Tapas Experience” with a friend and we both came out with a very long wish list. It’s a very cool way to try out all of Jo’s scents in every product they are available in. We sampled the perfumes, the body washes and the body creams. Each one eliciting an “oooooh”, an “ahhhhhh” or a “this is amazing”. Every scent is fresh, contemporary and unlike anything you’ve smelt before. And it’s not just for the ladies, Mr Kelly’s signature scent is now Jo Loves’ Smoked Plum and Leather. It’s sublime!

As every girl knows, the branding of a luxury candle is almost as important as the scent itself and Jo Loves does not let you down. It’s minimal and luxurious. Everything you buy is lovingly wrapped up in thick white boxes (the kind you keep even though you have no idea what to put in them) and red tissue paper and then tied with beautiful red ribbons.


Despite selling her company to Estée Lauder in 1999, Jo stayed on at Jo Malone London as the creative director until 2006. Clearly Estée Lauder knew the value of the business lay almost entirely in Jo’s ability to concoct sensational scents. Jo had to wait until the end of her non-compete restrictions before she could launch her next business.

I have been fascinated by Jo’s journey ever since I heard her on Kirsty Young’s Radio 4 Desert Island Discs. Jo came from humble beginnings and is one of today’s true success stories. She had a unique talent and has managed to follow her dreams despite the various challenges life put in her way. Jo is an inspiration for all women and so when I heard she had written an autobiography it went to the top of my reading list. It was an absolute pleasure to meet her in person when I popped in to the Jo Loves store to pick up some Christmas presents and a copy of her book.


It’s always so nice when someone is as wonderful in person as you imagine them to be. Jo was warm and lovely and this is reflected in her beautiful store. Everyone who works there is so happy and friendly. They all go the extra mile to give you a memorable experience. A ten out of ten every time you step through the door. Now I can’t wait to read more about this fascinating woman. Buy your own copy here.


My personal favourite fragrance would have to be the White Rose and Lemon Leaves. I’m usually not a fan of rose scents. I think they always smell like your grandma’s bathroom. But not this one. This isn’t in any way sweet or sickly. It’s so fresh and delicate. It’s so gorgeous that I haven’t been able to bring myself to actually light my candle yet!


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