Brunch in Narnia at Dalloway Terrace


I had heard a lot of great things about this place and seen the most beautiful Instagram snaps. It looked like the perfect way to get into the Christmas mindset and so I booked Mr Kelly and me in to Dalloway Terrace for a fondue extravaganza to celebrate the last day of holiday indulgence. It has to be one of the most lovely festive experiences I have ever had in London…

Dalloway Terrace, named after Virginia Woolf’s lead character in her novel Mrs Dalloway, is The Bloomsbury Hotel’s answer to alfresco dining. It is tucked away just off Tottenham Court Road and so is a very convenient refuelling stop for those hardcore Oxford Street shoppers.


Now usually I wouldn’t be up for any sort of “alfresco dining” in January but nestled under the monochrome canopy and shielded by a glass exterior wall, this heated outdoor terrace is so cosy and inviting. With its Narnia makeover, this place has proved unbelievably popular this winter and is booked weeks in advance. Its worth the wait though, it’s the perfect place to snuggle up on a cold January day.

We were quickly shown to our gorgeous little brunch spot amidst the sparkling foliage and hanging lanterns.


We snuggled down amongst the furs and blankets, both already deciding that we were going to stay in this winter wonderland for as long as possible.


Is this not the most perfect date spot?!


Just as we thought this place couldn’t get any better…one of the smiling waiters came out with piping hot water bottles.


I was in heaven!


We bought right in to the après ski vibe and ordered some mulled wine…


It arrived, steaming and perfect. It clearly hadn’t simply been poured out of a bottle and whacked in the microwave. It was the best mulled wine I’d had in yonks. Lovely and spiced and not too sweet.


Now for the food…


Usually I’m really not a fan of hotel food and so I was very sceptical about what would be coming out of the kitchen. I’d prepared myself for the overpriced and tasteless dishes that most hotels churn out, but I was very pleasantly surprised. Everything looked delicious and as far as London goes, the prices were not too scary either.


As two cheese addicts with a health kick starting the following day, we decided to go out with a bang and stuff our faces with fondue. We were torn between the “Farmhouse Cheddar and Guinness” or the “Classic Swiss”. Given that the cheeses here are all sourced from La Fromagerie* we knew either one would be exceptional. We decided to go for the cheddar, to try something new. And then we added the charcuterie. In for a penny…in for a pound.

*If you’re also a cheese fan and you haven’t been to La Fromagerie yet, it definitely needs to go to the top of your list. The one in Marylebone has the most beautiful cheese room with hundreds of different cheeses and delightful staff to help you navigate them. A close second to my beloved Neal’s Yard Dairy.

Our bubbling pot of heaven arrived…


Along with some of the tastiest crudités, just ever so slightly steamed to take the crunch away, and delicious cured meats. The bresaola was an unexpected star of the board. Unlike most bresaola I’ve tasted which is usually quite dry and tough, this stuff melted in the mouth.






It took us no time at all to devour the whole pot of molten cheddar and when Mr Kelly suggested ordering round two, I didn’t need much convincing. Next up, Classic Swiss…


Although the cheddar was absolutely delicious, the swiss took the number one spot for us. The cheddar slightly separated and the last bites had to be scraped out of the pot.

Then it was on to dessert…


I couldn’t wait to try the famous Pierre Marcolini hot chocolates. I’d seen so many photos of these gorgeous frothy pots of chocolate with little gingerbread men on the side and, having tasted many of the Pierre Marconi macaroons, I knew the hot chocolate would be out of this world. Mr Kelly was dying to try the “Black Forest” version with vermouth and cherry liqueur and I had my heart set on the “Gingerbread Choc” with cinnamon liqueur and ginger and lapsing syrup.

Our hopes were crushed when we were told their latest delivery of the heavenly stuff had not arrived!!

Ah well…we had to settle for the white chocolate fondue instead.



Which turned out to be absolutely delicious!


After an afternoon of my two favourite things in the world, cheese and chocolate, enjoyed in the most idyllic setting…





We tore ourselves away, bid farewell to our cosy nest and stepped back into the tsunami of sale shoppers…


With the promise that we would return to taste that dreamy hot chocolate before this glistening forest melts into spring.

Until next time Dalloway…

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