I moved from my family home in the countryside to London in September 2010 to start my legal career and so I have been living in the city for over six years now. I’m constantly amazed by this incredible city and feel so lucky to live here. I’m surrounded by the most talented and inspiring people which has made me want to taste everything, travel everywhere and experience all that life has to offer. Every day I learn about a new restaurant opening, a new recipe to try, a new country to explore, a new crazy workout, a new weekend bolthole or a new trend to follow. I now have my favourite brunch spots, cake shops, yoga studios, country retreats, parks, streets and restaurants and the thing I love the most is sharing these places with friends and family. From time to time I’ve thought about how great it would be to capture a record of all the wonderful places I go to and all of the adventures I have in this city and around the world. They are just too beautiful to let slip by. So come with me and I’ll share my adventures with you.