A very decadent Sunday at Trinity

Whenever someone tells me their favourite restaurant in London, it goes firmly on my ever-expanding “to visit” list. This city is overrun with incredible restaurants offering up some of the best food in the world and so when someone singles out a specific place, you know it’s going to be good. Our great friends Laura and Steven told us some time ago that Trinity is their number one and so we finally put a double date in our diaries for Sunday lunch. Some of the best food we’ve had over the last six months has been cooked  by chefs who started out in Trinity’s kitchens (Tom Sellers at Restaurant Story and Restaurant Ours and Joe Sherratt at Naughty Piglets and The Other Naughty Piglet) and so unsurprisingly we had very high expectations. Even so, Trinity blew us away. Laura, Steven, dare I say it? I think it might just be our number one now too…

In true Mr and Mrs Kelly style, we arrived fashionably late. We were shown to our lovely table, right in the middle of the restaurant, where our friends had wasted no time and were already half way through a couple of Bloody Marys.


The restaurant is small and cosy but oozes style and sophistication. In 2015 the whole place was extensively refurbished and decked out in moody greys and purples which are accentuated by an abundance of soft hanging lights. There’s a huge window into the kitchen where you can watch the magicians in action. You can tell how good the food was because I got completely distracted and failed to take any photos of the beautiful interiors. Ah well, you’ll just have to book a table and go and see it for yourself. What a shame.

We opted for the three course lunch, which considering the Michelin star, the quality of the food and all the little extras that appear at your table, is a bargain at £39.

First up were the canapés: choux buns bursting with truffled cauliflower cheese (quite literally, I sent half of the filling flying across the table) and squid ink crisps with dots of smoked scallop roe emulsion, sprinkled with fresh sprigs of coriander.



Two bites in, we were sold.

We decided to order the house charcuterie platter to share.


Which came out alongside these beauties, served with Laura’s favourite thing in the world (other than Steve, of course), Trinity’s famous whipped butter.


Just look at those…


If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you probably know the special place that bread holds in my heart (if not, just look here). It’ll come as no surprise that Trinity soared to my number one spot right about then. The waiter clearly cottoned on and brought another bowl of the heavenly buns out just as I was considering spooning the whipped butter into my mouth with a teaspoon. Phew, that could have been embarrassing.

Then it was time for the starters. On the waiter’s recommendation I went with the warm salad of roast cauliflower, truffle butter tortellini and cauliflower velouté.


It was even better than it looks, if that’s possible. The cauliflower was perfectly charred and the al dente tortellini packed a powerful truffley punch. Yet another delicious filling that I sent flying that day, this time all over myself. Not my finest hour.

Steven had opted for the ravioli of scallop and langoustine, langoustine soup and fried oyster, which seemed to go down very well.


And Laura had the prettiest starter, big eye tuna tartare, cornish crab salad, avocado and pickled cucumber.


I don’t think those edible flowers will ever get old, do you?


Mr Kelly, ever the meat fiend, had the crispy pig trotters, sauce gribiche (aka fancy mayonnaise) and crackling. So good, my “mouthful” was more of a crumb.


Then, after a little pause, it was on to the mains. Having missed out on all of the butter action in the first course, Laura had ordered the Cornish brill, cooked on the bone and served with creamed Ratte potatoes (a particularly smooth and buttery potato with a distinctive nutty flavour), citrus butter and monk’s beard.


I had the lamb, served with a courgette and basil purée that I would have happily bathed in, a grilled aubergine tapenade and a smattering of hung yoghurt.


Aside from a lamb steak I had in the Maldives (which I will eventually get to when I get through my backlog of posts), this was the best lamb I have ever had. The freshness of the basil was perfect against the rich meat and the tapenade added a bit of tang into the mix.


The boy, being boys, had decided to share the chateaubriand for two, cooked in smoked bone marrow and served with beetroot, horseradish and boulangere potatoes.


Wafer thin potatoes, soft with a crispy topping, swimming in a rich meaty stock. I think the photo says it all.


They certainly made Steven’s Sunday!


After a considerable break (there was no way any of us were leaving without dessert), our plates of sugary heaven arrived. With too many good options we decided to put our plates in the middle and all dive in.

First up, the chocolate cremosa, coffee granita, marscapone and hazelnuts.


The bitterness  and the chill of the granita cutting across the silkiness of the cremosa.

Then for the prettiest dessert. Yorkshire rhubarb and set custard, served with a white chocolate parfait and blood orange sorbet. Sublime.


I hope this rhubarb obsession is here to stay.


And finally, the glossiest, stickiest, ooziest tarte tartin “for two”…


Served with prune and armagnac ice cream and a drizzle of fresh cream.


To this day, I don’t know how we polished all of those off.

Just when we thought we were done, a plate of macarons (white chocolate I think?!) and  chocolates arrived on a bed of cacao nibs.


Which didn’t last long…


A salted caramel explosion to end a perfect afternoon.


I agree wholeheartedly with Giles Coren’s statement. Eating at Trinity is “as close to an absolutely perfect experience of eating out as it is possible to have”. Get your table booked and let me know if Trinity manages to make it to the top of your London hot list.

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