Stairway to foodie heaven at The Other Naughty Piglet


Naughty Piglets is one of our favourite date night spots (check out my post here if you missed it), so when we heard that the power couple behind it were opening up a sister restaurant in town, we made a booking immediately. It’s always a worry that the quality will drop when a restaurant branches out but I was pretty confident it wouldn’t be the case with The Other Naughty Piglet and I was completely right. There was the same charming service, incredible food and, despite the bigger space, the same cosy atmosphere. And, whoever devised the beef rump with roast bone marrow, I applaud you. Come on in, let me show you around…


The vibe is definitely different – the original is cute and so romantic whereas this big sister, set on the upper floor of a theatre, has more of a buzz and a ‘bring your friends vibe’. And that’s exactly what we did. I invited my lovely in-laws who had heard me rabbiting on about Naughty Piglets for months. Having eaten their way around France, they are pretty tough judges but two plates in and they were sold.


There’s the same soft lighting, wooden table tops, views into the kitchen and rustic place settings as you find in Naughty Piglets but here there’s room for a few other lovely touches…





And of course, there’s the other piglet himself.


We were shown to our lovely leather booth,  the perfect spot to sink into for the evening.


With the drinks menu conveniently chalked up just above our heads.


We ordered a couple of aperitifs, soaked up the buzzy atmosphere…



And got stuck into the menu…


We were delighted to spot that a few of our favourite dishes had made the journey over from Brixton and that there was the same amazing french bread on tap…


We started with – hands down – the best ham croquettes in the city…



Then there was a new twist on the burrata…


Garnished with crispy sage leaves and anchovies, sitting in a pool of rich olive oil.

The grilled pear…


Topped with Jerusalem artichokes, hazelnuts and blue cheese. A winning combination.

All washed down with a carafe of the house red…


Then it was on to the crab…


Devon crab with white cabbage and peanut. Still a firm favourite for us. It even managed to convince my mother-in-law that crab can be delicious!

Now for the beef…


Raw beef fillet topped with lightly fried spring greens and crispy onions. The new touch here was the tarragon cream in place of the coffee mayonnaise we tried at the original spot. We went back and forth on this one. Conclusion: both as good as the other.

Then for something completely new…


XO linguine and cured egg yolk…the Other Naughty Piglet’s tasty asian version of carbonara.


And then for this visit’s showstopper…


Beef rump, roast bone marrow and Madeira jus…


Heart-stoppingly good. That bone marrow was out-of-this-world! Even with two dishes between the four of us, it nearly got physical.


And finally, we just had to introduce the in-laws to that fermented chilli paste…


BBQ pork belly, sesame and Korean spices. Just as good as we remembered.

Then it was time for the sweet stuff…


We’d done the usual and ordered an obscene amount of food so it was two desserts between four…


First up, chocolate mousse served with blood orange sorbet, slices of blood orange and an almond crumb.


Light, zingy and a little bit of crunch…


What more could you wish for.

And last, but by no means least, rhubarb and custard…


A few mouthfuls of Spring!

Well what a triumph! Joe and Margaux have done it again! A beautiful new space, fantastic food with a perfect mix of old favourites and new dishes and the ever-so-charming service. Now the only question you need to ask yourself is, which piglet do we go to?!

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