Padella – pasta worth queuing for


If you’ve been anywhere near London Bridge after 6pm recently, you’ll have spotted the queues around the block at this teensy little pasta spot. Padella‘s plates of reasonably priced fresh pasta have been attracting hordes of carb-craving Londoners since it opened last year. With a number of impressive awards under its belt, including “Best Cheap Eats” and “Best Dish of 2016”, Mr Kelly and I went to see what all the fuss was about last October and I don’t have enough fingers to count the number of times we’ve been back since.

Padella is Tim Siadatan and Jordan Frieda’s new venture. The duo behind Highbury’s successful Trullo had dreamt for some time of opening up a pasta bar and serving hand rolled pasta dishes inspired by their Italian road trips.

The vibe here is perfect after a stressful week in the office.


Pull up a stool at the marble counter overlooking the galley kitchen, order a basket of the freshly-baked sourdough, pour yourself a glass of the sangiovese and you’ll feel instantly relaxed. It’s the ideal place to kick start your weekend…


The menu is refreshingly tiny – only 6 starters, 8 mains and 4 puddings on offer.

We started with burrata…


Drizzled in rich olive oil and sprinkled with cracked black pepper…


The soft creamy centre is the perfect accompaniment to that still-warm-from-the-oven-bread…


As Mr Kelly always says…simple things done well.


We headed downstairs for our mains….



Now this is where the magic happens. You’re immediately hit by that amazing freshly baked bread smell. Perched at the bar we watched loaf after loaf of that incredible sourdough materialise from the oven.


Whipped off the baking trays and stacked oh-so-temptingly just out of our reach…


Along with trays of the home-baked tarts…


Sod it, you only live once and you work hard. Order another basket of the heavenly stuff (hello bread trap!)…


Pour yourself another glass of red…


And soak up that Friday night feeling…


Now for the main event. The dishes are quite small so it’s an excuse to try everything. And at only £5 – £8 a dish, why not!

We kicked off with my absolute favourite – the spinach ravioli…


Stuffed with ricotta and slathered in sage butter. It’s what dreams are made of…


Then for a classic…


Tagliarini with slow-cooked tomato sauce and 2016 Confini olive oil…




And finally, for those spice lovers out there, Mr Kelly’s favourite: fettuccine with nduja, mascarpone and parsley…


This one literally knocks your socks off! In a really good way.


And if you’ve got even the tiniest bit of room left…I can’t recommend the tarts enough.

A simple choice of chocolate…


Or pear and almond…


On this occasion, after that second basket of bread (tip – don’t sit under the sourdough shelf if you want desert), we decided to go for the salted caramel ice cream…


Like everything else in this gorgeous little place….absolutely perfect.


I would definitely recommend Padella but be warned, the queues are endless. Fortunately they’ve introduced a “virtual queue system” in the evenings now. Pop your name down, go and enjoy some drinks and they’ll text you when the table’s ready. Simple! But bear in mind – when we put our name down at 6pm, we weren’t tucking into our burrata until 8pm.

Now…for you ladies who want a side of velvet…


Buy it here!

And whilst you’re on the website, you might as well chuck this jumper in your basket too…


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3 thoughts on “Padella – pasta worth queuing for

  1. OMG The Fettuccine…It’s worth going for this alone!

    Great idea on the virtual queueing! I don’t recommend arranging to meet friends at the door and letting them stand around for ages waiting for you to rock up before walking straight in. #timingiseverything


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