Dominique Ansel Bakery


After sending Manhattan into a frenzied sugar high with his Cronuts, Cookie Shots and Frozen S’mores, Dominique decided it was time to shake up the London bakery scene and hit us with his innovative treats. At the flagship New York bakery, there are hundreds of people queued around the block by 7.15am and those who aren’t prepared to queue will happily pay up to 10 times the retail price to buy a Cronut on Craigslist. So, are Dominique’s calorific inventions really that incredible?! Oh yes.

French pastry chef Dominique Ansel shot to fame when he invented the Cronut: a croissant-doughnut hybrid that he introduced to New Yorkers in 2013 and which quickly became the most talked-about pastry in the world. With thousands of imitations cropping up all over the place (there’s Duck & Waffle’s “dosants” and Rinkoff’s “cro-doughs”, to name just a couple), it was handy that Dominique had the foresight to trademark his masterpiece and keep the recipe under lock and key. There can only ever be one “Cronut”.

So Mr Kelly and I went along to his swanky new bakery, on my beloved Elizabeth Street in Belgravia, to see what all the fuss was about.


It’s a beautiful space. Shelves are stacked with tempting treats…


And Dominique has nailed the packaging. Wouldn’t you be tempted to buy that box, regardless of what’s in it?!


It’s pretty much impossible to leave without grabbing a few little nibbles for later…


By the way, I got this dress in the Zara sale and it’s an absolute steal! Get it quick! I’m slightly obsessed by anything with pom poms or tassels right now and the back on this one is gorgeous…


Anyway…back to Dominique.

If you’re feeling inspired, maybe you could be tempted to buy one of his cookbooks?!


The whole bakery is a feast for the eyes, never mind the stomach. Just look at these…





You probably know by now that I’m a HUGE fan of a macaroon and Dominique has an impressive selection…


And then there’s the Ansel signature bakes.

The Cronut, which I’ve harped on about for ages already and now I have to confess – I am yet to try a Cronut. I know, I know. How can I write a post on this place and not try a Cronut?! The problem is…you have to strategise your visit to Dominique Ansel. You either come in the morning and hit the Cronuts (which always sell out by midday) or you wait until the afternoon if you’re after a Cookie Shot (which they only start serving at 3pm).

Now I’m a cookie girl and so I was here to try one of these bad boys…


A warm cookie cup, lined with chocolate and served with vanilla milk? I’ll take the lot.

I was also after one of Ansel’s S’mores…


He had me at “torched marshmallow”.

And then there’s the ‘DKAs’, caramelised deep-fried croissants that are actually outselling the Cronut now in New York.


We placed our order and went to find a spot in the plush dining area to wait for our selection of goodies to be prepared.


The smiley waitress arrived with our feast and filled our Cookie Shot with the most delicious cold-infused Tahitian vanilla milk…



First up – mini madeleines…


Piped and baked to order, these beauties are served fresh from the oven with a generous dusting of icing sugar.


Light and fluffy and dangerously more-ish…


They were gone in a flash…


Next up – the hugely anticipated Cookie Shot…




A thing of dreams. The warm dark chocolate lining melts into the rich milk and when you’ve sipped that, you’re left with this soft case of cookie dough and melted chocolate. Wow.


Last but not least – the Frozen S’more…


Tahitian vanilla ice-cream, rolled in chocolate wafer crips, encased in honey marshmallow and torched to order…


Amazing. And near impossible to eat in any way politely, which somehow makes it even better…


Almost vibrating from a sugar overload, we left Dominique Ansel’s dreamland and headed out into the cold, promising to return early one morning to check out his Cronuts.

The New Yorkers are on to something – this place is definitely worth an early alarm.

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