Ricotta hotcakes at Granger & Co.


Granger & Co.‘s dreamy ricotta pancakes, served with bananas and honeycomb butter, have the Notting Hill residents queuing around the block every weekend morning. Desperate to escape the dreary London weather for this Australian oasis, these Londoners queue for hours. So is Bill Granger’s breakfast really that good? Oh yes.

Mr Kelly and I discovered what would instantly become our number one brunch spot in town whilst wandering down our favourite London road, Westbourne Grove. There was an enormous queue in front of an otherwise ordinary looking restaurant and, being British, we decided to join it to see what the fuss was about.

The minute we were ushered through the doors by the charming staff and stepped into the bright haven that is Notting Hill’s Granger & Co., we were on holiday. With its lush white and gold interiors and floor to ceiling windows, it’s the breath of fresh air you need after a hard week’s work.


There’s just something about this place that instantly relaxes you and makes you throw the rule book out of the window. Why shouldn’t brunch have multiple courses? Why not order a Sipsmith’s martini to accompany your scrambled eggs. Do I want an extra side of chipolatas? Hell yeh! You’re on holiday – go wild.

Now this visit was during our January “health kick” so we compromised on a two-course brunch and skipped the breakfast cocktails. Instead we kicked off with eye-wateringly strong coffee…


And got stuck into the menu….


Be warned – if you’re looking for proper breakfast items, like porridge or muesli, you need to get through the doors before midday when they stop serving “breakfast”. But lucky for us Sunday slobs, the brunch classics are served all day.


I went for the lighter-than-air, creamy, whipped mounds of scrambled egg, served with toasted sourdough. Here’s the recipe if you want to attempt it at home.


Mr Kelly opted for the same but threw in a couple of sides: grilled wiltshire bacon and chipolatas.


A huge chunk of butter is sandwiched between the two steamy slices of lightly toasted sourdough, slowly melting into the fresh bread as your plate arrives…



Now, onto the main event, the hotcakes…


These really are the best pancakes I have ever tasted. And I have had a LOT of pancakes. They’re thick and pillowy but have an almost cloud-like texture. There are pieces of ricotta strewn throughout, preventing them from being overly-sweet, regardless of how much maple syrup you drown them in.


And that little slab of delicious looking stuff on top? That’s the honeycomb butter. Oh yes, essentially a knob of butter mashed up with a crunchie. Bill, you’re a genius.


Served with perfectly ripe banana and a little bucket of maple syrup for extra drizzling…


Now that’s what weekends are made for. If you want to attempt to make these beauties yourself then here’s the recipe. But with new branches of Granger & Co. in King’s Cross and Clerkenwell, there’s really no need to go to that hassle!


If you’ve got any room left, why not throw in one of the tempting freshly baked treats up on the counter…


We left on a sugar high, fuelled for our lazy stroll around the pastel coloured boutiques and farm shops lining Westbourne Grove’s pavements.



See you next weekend Bill.

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London-based foodie with a shopping addiction, a love for swanky interiors and an obsession with white sandy beaches.

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